2012 – and so it begins…

Before I came home from my third term of training – I had many things weighing on my heart. Through some fellowship I was suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of being released from much of the weight.

To my great surprise, we kicked off the new year with praising the Lord! What a glorious time this was!

I also realized that I have a new beginning, it’s a new year, it will be a hard year, for those who know of our family situation, but also, I hope, I sincerely hope that much sacrifice of praises this  year would be given to our glorious King. He is worth all our breath. I want to learn what it is to really waste my time on Him, to lean on Him, to let Him speak, and do what He wants through me. I love Him more than ever before at this very moment. It’s not always easy, but He is always there.

Psalm 110:4a “Jehovah has sworn, And He will not change:”

Let’s make 2012 worth it, filled with praise!

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