Existential crisis, anyone? /Summer hiatus?

There’s a new layout on the blog! I’m pretty excited about it. Because it’s more happy. Happier. and maybe every time I look at it will bring me some kind of excitement or joy. Plus, I’m working toward wanting to have a more fun and happier life.

Now, for the main reason of my post:
Supposedly, i know the meaning of my life already. But….i find myself questioning a lot of things these days, and my faith is included. So, I’m considering, just considering a lot – what can I do to set myself straight? For whatever reason, I keep thinking “existential crisis, existential crisis, existential crisis” – a philosophical term, but, having to do with the questioning of the meaning and purpose of one’s life. We all go through stages in life, and why do we come to so many crossroads? Well, because things happen – events, changes, all these things are happening around us. For me, a lot of times, I just want time to stop. Stand still, time. Because I can’t keep up with the every day changes that occur. Many of my friends have gotten engaged, married, and/or having babies. And yes, well, while I think, I wish it could happen to me, at the same time, I.cannot.keep.up. {major emphasis here please?!?] I can’t keep up with you people! I can’t keep up with the changin’ of the times. Stop moving so fast. Let me catch up! I’m lagging behind all the time. Gee whiz.
So, I’m definitely at a crossroads in my life – and I want to do something about it.
In that regard….I’m taking a summer hiatus or something. Something to that effect. But it’s not the whole summer. It’s more like, during the month of July. Actually 3 weeks of July and maybe one week in August. Gee whiz, again! Only 4 weeks to really like, hiatus-it-out. Except, not really. Life just keeps moving…

But, here’s a cheer to the blog, though!
Signing off,

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