Losing faith…(?)

contemplating, musing, thinking, talking to the Lord,

contemplating, musing, thinking, talking to the Lord,

I started reading over a previous post (that I wrote) from the beginning of 2012 O_o

Seriously, am I in the same place all over again? So, this really IS a cycle? Why is it longer? When will i get to where I need to be?
Sigh. So, it’s true, it’s not that i’m doubting, but i’ve lost my faith –
Again Lord, show me that You love me, that You’re really here by my side. I can’t keep walking through my life without that sense.

One thought on “Losing faith…(?)

  1. T says:

    Hi lisa. I’m so sorry to hear that you are struggling with your faith. In all honesty i think when i first met you I sensed a sadness in your spirit.and it’s completely understandable. You’ve had some hard things happen in your life. You know, reading your posts reminds me a lot of Job.when all the bad things happened to him, he begin to question God and His ways. Then, beginning in chapter 38, God replied to him and enlightened Job of his lack of faith and honestly kind of put Job in his place. I know it may sometimes seem like God is a bully.like he has all this power and he does these things because he can, but Lisa i know that He loves you with the depths of His soul. Think about all the times He has been your comforter, and the times He has answered your prayers and strengthened you. He is still that same God. Pray for understanding. I know you will overcome with His help and there is a great testimony to be made with your life.
    -we’re praying for you Lisa

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