Getting lost in the rain/ growing pains

On June 18th, I had a mini adventure of getting lost in the rain, thus the title of this post. 
I promised a friend, G, that I’d write a post about it. So here it goes:

It was a sunny morning, and my sister dropped me off at the train station to catch the train back to my next destination. I get there, and I’m supposed to take the bus to a friend’s house (she’s a mom with two girls) and of course, it begins to rain. Before that though, I had decided to go where we had placed some of our belongings for storage, close to our former apartment complex (I’m still sad I had to leave those apartments) and fix my humungous amount of luggage because I was set to fly out the day after that to another destination. Summers are filled with so much travel. Such is the life right? 

Anyway, I did that, and walked to I can’t remember where for lunch, and then realized it was an intense downpour outside, so that led me to have to purchase an umbrella, because I didn’t know it was going to rain, and I didn’t have a jacket, even though I already had an umbrella in one of my suitcases which i left in the building where several of my boxes were stored. 

After that, I waited with my suitcases for the bus. First of all, if it’s not the bus you take to the airport, there isn’t really a place for you to put your luggage. Second of all, it was still raining, and I got off at the wrong stop. So I’m walking, and getting soaked because when you’re lugging a bookbag, and two suitcases with almost 80-100 lbs altogether, you have no hands free to carry an umbrella to just keep your head dry. Well, everything and me got soaked, and then I had to call my friend to come pick me up to stay at her house for the night. Hah, what an adventure that was. Albeit, I wasn’t happy. I yelled and cried at the Lord, because I hate getting lost and taking public transport, and living in the city. I’m pretty content at home where I’m originally from, where everything is within 5 minute radius of all that I could ever need. 

But… Everything turned out fine at the end. After that night, where I didn’t sleep well because I had a plane to catch, (i never sleep well the night before having to travel ) I took the bus again, a lot easier this time, to the train station, to another bus and to the airport. Grand total of an hour and a half, still not bad, unless you have almost 100 lbs of luggage with you. And yes, my friends, i’m not exaggerating. 80 lbs was the two suitcases put together, it must have been a little more with my bookbag and such. 
But again, anyway – I made it through, and made it to my destination, and then a few days later I got sick, probably due to getting soaked in the rain. I blame it on that. And I can’t blame anyone but myself, because, well, how was I supposed to know it was going to rain that day? 
But it’s a learning experience right? My sister helped talk me through some of it – I’m grateful that everything turned out well at the end, but realizing more and more that I have a lot more experiences to go through just in my human life to grow up. 
A lot of people like to tell me i’m young, even though i’m 25 years old. It really annoys me. It also annoys me when people call me ‘cute’ – but that’s another story for later. 
When people judge you as young and small, but they’re not open to you actually growing and letting you grow. I want to grow, but you all need to give me the space to grow up. 
And growing up is PAINFUL. Let me tell you. Like when a kid has growing pains because he’s getting taller – hello, it’s like that for us who have to grow humanly, not just physically and spiritually, and the like. 

And there you have it. My story of getting lost in the rain. 

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