What is it to be supportive? or to have support?

This is what the free-online dictionary says:


tr.v. sup·port·edsup·port·ingsup·ports

1. To bear the weight of, especially from below.
2. To hold in position so as to keep from falling, sinking, or slipping.
3. To be capable of bearing; withstand: “His flaw’d heart . . . too weak the conflict to support”(Shakespeare).
4. To keep from weakening or failing; strengthen: The letter supported him in his grief.
We’ll just stop with 4, for now. You get the point right?
Why am I talking about this? Because, lo and behold, yours truly had the opportunity to experience her first support group today. It was interesting, in a good way.
The result was that I don’t mind going back again. I keep *faceplanting* and going *doh* in my head, realizing that I could’ve saved myself so much trouble had I started doing this sooner. But I didn’t. I wasn’t ready.
There were fourteen of us there, and I was the youngest person, but you had people who had lost their siblings, or spouses, or children, from a range of years ago, one year ago, or even, 2 months ago. Why did I have the stigma of it before? I have no idea. I don’t know why i put myself through so many concepts of how I should be feeling or how I should be over something like this, but hey, let’s look at the facts. Losing someone in your life, a loved one, more specifically- one of your parents. It’s not easy. It’s something you live with for the rest of your life.
The session was held in the hospice center that my mom passed away in. It brought back some hard memories after not having been there since the day she left us.
So I cried while there, in front of people I didn’t know. I never do that. I mean, I can, and sometimes, I do. But yeah, I cried. And I cried hard, – when was the last time I did that?!? …There was no judging, only acceptance, that we were all there feeling some type of loss, and it was OKAY to cry hard, it was OKAY to talk about the memories of caregiving, and it’s OKAY to have those moments where you are really sad. Grieving is a process. And I go through things each day that cause me to reflect that I’m still going through this process.
And, so..for all you folks who keep asking me about taking meds, or getting counseling, or therapy, or going to support groups. If you need it, my OPINION, is, go do it. It doesn’t hurt to get help.
There’s a booklet I read “The Mystery of Human Life” – Where it tells you about the parts of man, and how man has three parts, and how this is seen in the Bible, more specifically, in the New Testament, especially in 1 Thessalonians. Well, those parts of man, where it talks about the physical (the bios), the soul (psuche) and the spirit (zoe) and the words in parentheses are in Greek. This booklet mentions that if you have physical needs, and if you’re sick physically, you would go and see a doctor right? And if you have issues with the soul, or mentally, then you’d see a psychologist right? So, God deals with the matters of our spirit, while practically, we have people in certain professions who help us with the other parts. And, so, I’m happy to say, that it’s okay to get the help that you need, if you need it, if you feel you need it, and work on getting better.
Besides, our Savior came to save the sinners, heal the sick, lead the blind (gospel of Mark) and so forth.
So, let’s be open to Him and  let Him do His job in helping us, in our spirit, soul, and body.

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