This is so not a movie review

Top three movies I would recommend about love, family, and cancer are:

A Walk to Remember

Listen to Your Heart

My Sister’s Keeper

[I’ve watched all three now, in that order] 
I would say out of all of them, Listen to Your Heart was the most intense for me, however, I just finished watching the third, My Sister’s Keeper, and I have to say, it was intense in another kind of way for me. See, I’m interested in becoming a Child Life Specialist. This is someone who works in the hospital setting with all kinds of children and families with varying degrees of illnesses, or not even, maybe just needing to cope with the day to day hospital type of stuff. But anyway, after watching a movie like this, and crying over it, and being reminded of my mom, I’m going to have to do some serious rethinking….my being might not be ready JUST YET, for this kind of job. 

Still unsure of what I’m supposed to do with my life at the moment, which can be quite frustrating… but still. Lots to mull over, I guess. O_o



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