I survived today! Unlike that last rainy day…

Why, hello there! I just wanted to let you know that I survived today! Well, what was there to survive you ask?! Well…lots of things. But most importantly, it was the car incident of all things. Would you like to hear about it? Why am I asking? If you keep reading, of course you do! Bwahahaha! Um…

My day! Ah, yes…okay! So it started out with a little of this –>: Image
and a little of that–>:Image mostly because i decided that I needed to take a photo of this orange shirt that my aunt sent with my dad to give me when we visited New York for a few hours a couple of weeks ago. To say thanks, and you know, because it’s from Old Navy and stuffs.

Anyway, Then I braved through this awesome storm, you know, the kind that you want to stay indoors for, (and why didn’t I get a picture of this? Oh! Because I was driving through most of it…haha!) Well, I drove to fill my car with gas, and I braved it. [Did i mention the older guy who opened the door of the gas station for me? Because you know, that actually happened, and I said thank-you, and I appreciated it since I was walking in the rain with my umbrella avoiding getting the bottom of my pants wet -since, it usually happens when such a storm hits!, and I purchased a coke, {why?!} and paid in cash to put gas in my car!] I used to be afraid of getting wet for some reason when it came to storms and the like a few years back, but after my fiasco on such and such day the last time I had to work through a day in the stormy rain (Refer back to the “Getting lost in the rain” part), I figured, what’s another storm, what’s driving in it gonna do to me? Ah, whatever, it’ll be a piece of cake!
Maybe I spoke too sooooooon…..? Or maybe I didn’t. I don’t know.

So, after I filled my car up with gas, I still drove through the rain, through a many of puddles on the roads, or maybe they were like mini floods, or so to pick up a friend to take her to an appointment located an hour away (ATHENS, yo!), which…then my car kept being weird, like the battery light, and the brake light would go off at the same time, probably because the car kept going through these massive puddles, and then it would be hard to steer the car when I needed it to turn… (that’s just the story of my life right? We get a new car so that we WOULDn’t have to call daddy to come and fix it up and stuffs, but he ended up doing that anyway, more on that in a minute)…
So I picked her up, we went to eat at a fast-food place, that we love oh so much, and then we headed our way to Athens, in less rain, THANK YOU LORD!, and that was good. Then I visited a family for a bit [Which was great!], then went back to pick up said friend, and lo and behold the car dies, doesn’t start and it isn’t the battery. Oh blah. Of course this happens. But at least by this point it wasn’t raining! So we asked some serving brothers nearby to come rescue us, and they tried, and I’m so grateful for the church life (the Lord still cares for us in the Body!) and they really did try but couldn’t get the car to start, so we had to leave it in a parking lot. Of course my dad came, to see if he could do anything, but really, nothing could be done, so it’s still out there, sitting alone, (still remains nameless!) and….well, here we are. Or here I am, writing this blog post, when I’m tired, and wiped and should be sleeping!

OH! But the best part was visiting more saints that we hadn’t seen yet! So my friend and I had dinner with one of the sisters who has four darling, and tall children and whose baby I got to hold, and feed, but here’s the cutie patootie in my lap: IMG_7653 and I walked down the street to visit the sister’s house where I used to live in during part of my college years along with another sister who is staying there! And then dad came it after looking at the car and sat with us and this darling baby’s parents to chit chat for a bit, before taking me and said friend home.
So, it was quite the adventure, yet again, because life is full of adventures and opportunities to let the Lord work, and care for you, shepherd you, etc, and the like, and even though I remain car-less at the moment, I am by no means discouraged, when I could have been, like I was when I had the ‘getting lost in the rain’ adventure, because when you’re lugging around 80 pounds of luggage and your bookbag, well, man, that is no joke.
And here’s to surviving today! Because I did, and thank-you Lord, that when I wake up, because it is really late, it’ll be a new day, to see what adventures, shall soon come to pass.

Sincerely yours,
~the L


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