Productivity, can be a girl’s best friend :D

Since, I was car-less for about two and a half days…

  • My dad brought me lunch from Chick-fil-a during his lunch break at work, and then came home after work right after that so that he could go fix my car.
  •  I walked to and from Wal-mart (a 15-20 minutes walk each way) in the sunny, partially humid heat, to purchase a black t-shirt to go under a dress that I intend to wear for a wedding tomorrow (Saturday afternoon). Instead I bought two. They were both comfy…I couldn’t resist! And, also, a hair product and a face foundation product (because, that’s the only make-up i wear anyway) – I was running out, okay? 😛 And of course, we can’t forget my purchase of a certain fountain drink before making the trek back home. Easy peasy – why didn’t I think of doing this before?

Not only that, but, a friend’s dad and my dad went to go get my car, turns out it was a problem with the spark plugs, lo and behold, some of those were corroded and hard to come off! But they got new ones, and now my car is running smoothly as ever!

 Now, I have my car back, and then I went to Target, to purchase a card for said wedding aforementioned above, and nail polish, for my toes and finger nails. 😀 Wee! So I did my nails all by myself. Not so bad. Just don’t look at my hands too closely. 

And before I did my nails, I ended up organizing my closet, lighter colors on the left, and darker colors to the right (I don’t remember the exact training way, but alas, it’s still engrained in me) 
In any case….This girl’s day was pretty productive, and it hasn’t been THIS productive in a very long time. So kudos, to me!

By the way, you all should check out this blog:
Because I saw a journal that I want from Target that talks about writing these awesome things. It’s about a guy who appreciates the little things in his life that we tend to take for granted. There’s a book too! I want to read it. 
And there you have it. A plug. 😀 

Good night! 


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