Summary of the last two weeks!

Since I have about several topics to blog about going in my head – I figured, that I could just give you a summary list of the events that have occurred in the last two weeks.

  • On Monday, August 26th, I applied online for a job. 
  • On Wednesday, August 28th, I received an email from said job to interview either that day, or the next day (called and went in for an interview Thursday, the 29th, spoke to the director for 5 minutes, spoke to another director, and they told me to call them the next day. 
  • On Friday, August 30th, I called them, made a second interview, and then went to Jacksonville, FL, for a church conference that weekend. 
  • On Tuesday (mostly an ordinary day) September 3rd, was my birthday, my second one without my mama. I’m 26 now. 
    This day went pretty well with receiving flowers, surprise gifts, and in total about 5 gifts from friends, via mail, delivery, or left on my bedroom desk. This day also began grief work support group session #1
  • On Wednesday, September 4th, I did the second interview for said job. They hired me close to two hours later. I began work on the 5th, doing paperwork, on Thursday and Friday…and then did my shift. My job is an after school care teacher for an after school program. 
  • On Saturday, September 7th, I did my First Aid Training for the job, then went to my brother-in-law’s father’s viewing. I had the opportunity to hold my two month old nephew and put him to sleep for what I hope was half an hour or so. 
  • On Sunday, September 8th, was the funeral service – to which I found very different than what I’m normally used to, but enjoyable because on the one hand, the life of this person was celebrated, and then the family was encouraged to go on living, since time has been given to us by God, and it really matters how we live that counts before God’s eyes. 
  • On Monday, September 9th, I did my first full shift on the job, alone, with the help of three teachers to quiet down my kids. I work with kindergarten by the way. O_o
  • Tuesday, September 10th – totally missed my grief support group session #2, due to going late after work, and the doors of the church building where it’s held, being locked. 
  • It’s Thursday morning, haven’t gone to work yet, but I’m still trying to earn those kiddos’ respect.

For the record, I do feel kind of accomplished, because, I’ve only been looking for a job during the month of August. I’ve had four interviews. By the 4th, I got a second interview, and the job situation happened so quickly, that i’m sure it really is of the Lord, because I like what I’m doing, though I may not be getting paid much, since it’s part-time in the afternoons, and I drive a long way to and from, it’s a good starting point to get experience that I need to eventually advance in my field. We all have to start from scratch. I’m learning what it is to be in the working world!


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