To take note:

on April 4, 2000 (?), my oldest nephew was born. 

on April 4, 2012, my mom went with the Lord.

on September 4, 2013 – I was hired for a new job.


I made it through my first week of my very first job since having been out of college. Albeit, it’s part-time, but it’s a starting point. It took me one month to find this job, all the Lord’s doing, i’m sure. But I wanted to take a moment of reflection because the fact that the day I was hired was 1. the day after my birthday, and 2. the fourth, a significant day because of the events listed above – I know the Lord is watching over me, but I wouldn’t be surprised if my mom is watching over me too. Sometimes I feel like i’m letting her down, but then i’ll see that occasional butterfly, which reminds me of her, and I realize, she might actually be waiting for me to get to where I need to be. I wonder if she knows where I’ll end up, or how I’ll end up at the end…maybe not. I know the Lord knows. It’s nice to think about her like that sometimes though. 




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