It’s the last day of September…

September has been a good month for me. So, I’m taking a moment to reflect on all the things I’m grateful for this month:

– The privilege of going to Jacksonville, FL at the beginning of this month for a church conference and remembering the times I’ve had with my mom there. A sister reminded me that she met both of my parents for the first time in a Jacksonville conference. Also, seeing some former housemates from my time in California (the beauty of only living a state away!)

– My birthday (the 3rd): Well, every birthday without my mom is hard, since she never failed to give me a card. Let it be known that my dad is not a card person – which he himself managed to state to me during said birthday. And you know how it is, to receive a card from your mom! Moms are truly something special. My mom was special to me, and I can see how special of a mom my sister is to her own children, too….I can’t wait to be one someday! But I received gifts from friends, very lovely gifts from friends, and even though I miss my mom, they are special, supportive friends 🙂 and I’m grateful for that. 

– My second interview for my job, and then getting hired the next day.

– I’m grateful for the learning experiences that come with having said job.

– I’m grateful for Autumn, and all the cooler weather, and the feel of the calm outside. 

– I’m grateful for every yellow/white butterfly I see – they remind me of my mom, since she used to call me her butterfly: coming and going all the time (school, training, etc.) 

I’m immensely grateful to the Lord for knowing exactly what He’s doing to care for me, for giving me the motivation to go on each day – and for all the positive things this month that outnumber all the negative ones. 

Today, right now, life is good. It has its ups and downs, but I’m grateful that as I write this, life is so good 🙂


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