Everybody’s got somebody…

So, I have a very limited amount of friends who are still single. They’re great to be with, don’t get me wrong, but most of my close friends are either 1. dating someone, 2. engaged, or 3. married. It’s good, but it’s bad when on the single side perspective all you hear about is the mush between the couples. Yiiiikes. 
I totally get that we need our other halves and such, and I’m FULLY well aware of the fact that my time has not yet come to pass, but still. It can be pretty lonely in the single world. Therefore, a song to commemorate my feelings of being more and more aware each day of how single I am, and here’s hoping that maybe one day it’ll happen but not entirely counting on it…


and here’s the mash-up: pretty cool, and just for fun!


Signing and singing off…

– LM

Having stood for what counts

A post for the first of the month, even though it’s the second. 🙂

I don’t remember exactly when the internet and cable died. It happened while I was at home, though, sometime last week. And it took about a week to get it fixed – anywhere from calling the AT&T guys several times (which my dad did) to coming here at least three times. The first time they came, I totally missed it, because I was sleeping. How lame is that? I was sleeping and I hear a knock and it’s from them and I never saw the guys. It must have been a half hour after I woke up or something.
Oh well. [insert pouty face here]

This past Monday, (this most recentest of Mondays), one of the guys came to check our line outside and didn’t have the equipment to fix the modem inside — but he came at 12:30pm when I’m supposed to leave for work. That was also lame. But I made it to work on time even though I was cutting it close by leaving at 12:50pm. It takes 30-40 minutes to get to work, and that’s without traffic. Then they made an appointment to come back on the yesterday (Tuesday). They came early. For whatever odd reasons, I’ve been waking up decently before 8am, which is quite the accomplishment, considering that I tend to go to sleep late and wake up closer to 10 or 11am, which only gives me about two hours before leaving for work, give or take a few minutes. {don’t you know that if I wake up at 6am, i’d have 6 whole morning hours to get things done?} Needless to say, I passed the time waiting for them to come { expecting them early } by washing my bedsheets.

So, they came, and it was the lead technician for the area and a guy they’re training to work for them. That was pretty neat to see on the job training occurring right at home…{considering my recent experience nearly, (say what?!?!) a month ago for my current job}. It took them three hours. And signal is pretty bad at my house, so for them to run their tests on their ipads (what is the deal? this happened at Verizon when we got our new phones on Sunday – oh, btw, I have an iphone now!). These places are so high-tech and whatnot. Anyway, ahem {there’s a lot of sidetracking going on here… 😛 }, moving along…once they figured out the problem, coming in and out, checking the line outside, wearing booties (like in a hospital) inside, checking the inside lines (which by the way, C, lead tech guy was not happy with the last guy who installed our U-Verse, at which point he told me people think he’s mean but said that he knows people have their way of doing things, but he has a way of knowing the way things should be in order to work, proceeded to take photos with his iphone for presentation purposes I’m assuming? and went about getting the job done). His main job: making sure we never have to see another guy come out and fix our line. So what they did was drill some holes around the house, in my dad’s room, and whatnot, extending the outside line 827 ft it is, and bringing it through the house, and voila! by 11am yesterday we had working internet and TV again, which I’m very grateful for, and  then proceeded to watch “Once Upon a Time”. 🙂 Lead tech guy, well, he’s up for his managerial position next month, and his manager came out to see him do his job, and make sure he was doing it right, and all that jazz. And yeah, best service ever…

That brings me to this quote that my good friend, G,  shared with me via text after I told him what had happened during those few hours while they were getting the internet and TV back up:

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life” – Winston Churchill

Mr. C, lead tech guy, soon to be manager guy for this whole area, stood for something, that’s for sure. He gave off the impression that he’s tough, he likes to get things done, and that he gets them done right. It does of course, afford a way for people to dislike him in some cases, but what counts is getting your job done the way it should be done, and under God’s supervision and not under anyone else’s scrutiny. It also reminded me of my dad, because of the stories he’s told me about work and having to send people out and do their job (which my dad has had the experience of doing himself before) – he’s the asst supervisor in his workplace – and there are many a times when his workers think they know what they’re doing, but actually don’t know, and dad, well, he has to be tough with them.
And I’m tough on my kids at work, because if they don’t follow directions, they get time out of play time, etc. Or I make them read books quietly, etc. And some of them, because they’re older, don’t like it. And i’m sure they don’t like me – but I don’t care if they like me or not – I have to be tough on them, in order to earn their respect and to make sure I keep them from harm’s way. Just trying to do my job right. I like those kids a lot, I love being around them, but they can sure reach a nerve at times…

So, thank-you C, for helping me to see once again, that, we all stand for something, and we stand for something right, and only under God’s watch, not our own or anyone else’s.

Signing off,