Everybody’s got somebody…

So, I have a very limited amount of friends who are still single. They’re great to be with, don’t get me wrong, but most of my close friends are either 1. dating someone, 2. engaged, or 3. married. It’s good, but it’s bad when on the single side perspective all you hear about is the mush between the couples. Yiiiikes. 
I totally get that we need our other halves and such, and I’m FULLY well aware of the fact that my time has not yet come to pass, but still. It can be pretty lonely in the single world. Therefore, a song to commemorate my feelings of being more and more aware each day of how single I am, and here’s hoping that maybe one day it’ll happen but not entirely counting on it…


and here’s the mash-up: pretty cool, and just for fun!


Signing and singing off…

– LM

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