A folk song

So, at some point I should write about my journey of being an assistant teacher and working my way on the career path (to which I had no ambition to attain to before) to becoming a certified teacher in this state; but until I fulfill the necessary steps for this to happen… Here’s a folk song for your entertainment!

While I was growing up my mom used to sing snippets of this song- how in the world she knew this beats me. However I think it has to do with the fact that once upon a time before she knew The Lord Jesus she would sing and dance on stage in the town where she grew up… Mother of mine, she was never shy! I get that from my father’s side….

So here, have a laugh, I sure am having one to this song tonight!

“we’re going to Kentucky”

And the lyrics:
lyrics to this folk song


Oh! Silly mama, how I love thee 🙂
Signing off,
Miss LMM

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