That determination factor..

There’s this story that my parents used to tell me, about me. I was a little girl, and when we had a den, there was this couch that we had that I liked to climb. So, one day I kept jumping on it, or climbing it, determined to get to the top of the couch (which was almost like a shelf top) and determined to stay on the top. I kept falling off of course. My parents had watched me and were impressed that I kept trying to reach the top until I finally did. And then I sighed with relief. 

Apparently, that determination factor is still in me. I experienced that today. I wanted to call it stubborn-ness, but actually, it wasn’t necessarily that. It was determination. There are times, when I set my heart to do something, it will indeed get done, because there are those instances in which I refuse to give up. Like today. 

I was working when we got the news from our owners that we would close early. Work ended at 12:15pm, at which point I left. I didn’t realize the extent of how bad the weather was at this point – having started snowing at 10am, sticking to the ground and making sludge and sleet, and ice. I went on my way, only to realize that the roads were indeed icy, and putting my mind to be set on the fact that it would take several hours to get home. What normally takes me about 15 minutes to get onto the highway, took me 2.5 hours or a little over. Upon entering the highway, I did fine, it was when I switched highways where my car glided from left and then to the right almost making me hit a railguard – thank the Lord that didn’t happen! I was able to brake (not hard or fast) to prevent any movement, put my car in reverse (before any cars could come) and move forward again in drive. 
A little while later, I almost got stuck again – halfway through my drive (at 15-20mph on a major highway) I got to a patch of icy road, and almost veered to the left and right again. Of course, I’m pressing on my brakes again, with emergency lights on as there were tons of cars still around me. I had to wait for many of them to pass before I could do reverse again and move forward in drive again. Those times are pretty scary – especially since my windshield was freezing due to the fact that there’s hardly any heat in my car. It comes on and off, and when it’s on, doesn’t last for long, this time, it didn’t do too much. It was pretty cold. At this point, my entire body was starting to freeze. 

I had to call on the Lord many times, because without the Lord with me, I couldn’t have made it. I could’ve called my dad to come help me, though I wouldn’t have wanted him to try and get through the huge amount of traffic, that is even still going on right now. I could’ve also been in a whiny, complaining, type of mood and been like ” why me, Lord?!” But I chose not to, because i was DETERMINED to get my bottom home where I could rest under the electric blanket, and stay warm. 

Determined – that’s where I was at tonight, and knowing that the Lord was providing His care, and protection, makes me feel so entirely blessed tonight. Thank You Lord!

Signing off, 
Miss L.M.M.

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