…I must sing again!

When I was younger, I loved to sing. When my mom passed away – all the joy I felt in singing had disappeared. I haven’t much sung since then, but I was reminded of this song tonight:

“There is a song within me;
It’s a song of Jesus moving
In the gardens of my heart.
This Jesus lives within me,
Planting flowers of Himself
There to be watered by my Love.

I’m loving Jesus, this lovely Person
With personality so strong.
He brought me to Himself
And said to me, “All of your heart’s desire
is found in Me;
I’m all you need and I love you.”

There is a peace within me
That has sprung from deep contentment
With my Lord, who’s All in All.
For my delight is in this
Living One inside of me
Who is Himself, my everything.”

Source: http://www.hymnal.net/en/hymn/ns/119#ixzz32yknQGRo

This song, reminds me of the joy I need to feel again from singing to my heart’s content. Who fills my joy? The Lord Jesus does, who else? The love from my special one, shown to me through the small things. The love from my dad, from all my friends and so forth.

If you’ve never sung to your heart’s delight before, I suggest you try it.


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