The Perfect Line

It’s a game. It’s called “the perfect line”. Not sure where it came from since I couldn’t find anything about it online afterward but I learned how to play this game today. I’m working across the street from my current building for the rest of the summer and they placed me with the third graders. Third grade had 10 girls and 5 boys, compared to last week when I was with the first graders and there were like 17 boys and 4 girls or something close to that effect.

Here’s how the game works:

1. Form groups of four. Line them up in front of you.

2. The game involves commands so teach it to them.

  • Command 1: “Change” ( person in the front of the line goes to the back of the line) Every time you say “change” your front line person must do this. 
  • Command 2: “Switch!” The second and fourth person in the line switch places. 
  • Command 3: “Rotate” Your line, if it’s facing you, needs to face the other direction. 
  • Command 4: You can only do this if your kids follow the other three commands. “Move”! They got it though. 

It’s really based on how well your kids can listen. It worked. I had 15 kiddos, the boys did a bad job at listening (what else is new?) but the girls did splendidly. Teehee. 

My work can be fun because it’s basically like getting paid to play with kids all day, and since i’m not really into having fun, I can be such a party pooper, but I’m learning to have fun too!

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