Life as an assistant teacher (1)

I’ve started out what you would call my “second” year as an assistant PreK teacher. But you may excuse the fact that I was only around for the second half of last year and maybe that doesn’t count. I’m still learning a lot of things and trying to keep up.
My class is all over the place with different issues from each student that needs work.

But for now, I’ll share with you something that caught me off guard today: sleepwalking. When your student seemingly wakes up and walks directly to and aims for you, but isn’t, because you can tell with his glazed look that he isn’t awake. Here’s a little bud that follows me around.. And just suddenly popped up from his nap mat! Nonetheless as surprising as it was for me, since it was a first for my eyes, it made me laugh, since it struck up a conversation between me and my lead about how her children also are known for sleepwalking.

In other news, I love children’s books and songs that we read and sing and dance to with our students. I’ll have to list some out in my next post if I can remember!
Until next time,
Ms. L

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