Life as an assistant teacher (2): the vomit edition

I’ve been debating on whether or not to write about this past week. It was kind of a horrible one. But I have to admit, how Friday went was epic enough to give it its own post.

So where do I start? Monday was pretty bad since I had gotten sick the Saturday before. I woke up feeling like “I can’t go and I can’t do this” but I show up and find out that about four others of my co-workers were sick as well including the boss. So then I was semi-encouraged that I could get through the day with my supply of DayQuil. But then we haven’t been doing so great with the group of kids we have. These kids are allll over the place and trying to get their attention and focus so that THEY can learn something has been quite difficult. Behaviors such as not being able to keep their hands to themselves or the amount of times some of them are having accidents or incidences is just overwhelming.

Tuesday came, that was mandatory staff meeting day, post-bridal shower for a coworker and a doctor’s appointment. Now, let me just make mention that I’m usually running around taking care of things during the week (such as this doctor’s appointment so that I could get some antibiotics).

Wednesday was my worst day – left by my co-teacher (the lead) to basically run the class and felt like I was doing a lot of yelling. I felt horrible. But then when my coworker came back on Thursday we said they couldn’t have show and share because all the kids were being disrespectful to me. Le sigh. I had to ask for prayer from many sisters — however then Friday came.

A day to remember: One kid stayed home from the stomach bug. Another wanted to come to school after having thrown up but was sent home. Another came to school after throwing up and ended up epically throwing up on the floor and over another student even projectiling into her gaping mouth. So three kids, and the one who got vomited on? Totally tricked us into thinking she was sick too. Ridiculous. Believe it or not though – that entire week – Friday was probably the calmest day due to all the illnesses.
I had to clean up the student who got vomited on, and watched as the boss came in to help disinfect. It seems the stomach bug was going around recently and may still be among us.

But guys, seriously – don’t bring your kid to school when they’re sick. It spreads. Most memorable week of the year this far.

Signing off,
-Ms. L