Random creativity

I’m looking to switch blogs into a more creative outlet to show my projects that I make. For starters, I’ll post this here so I can remember to do it for my house. I’ll be doing this soon; who else will? Comment below! 😀 #lisamariemakesthings 

Life as an assistant teacher (2): the vomit edition

I’ve been debating on whether or not to write about this past week. It was kind of a horrible one. But I have to admit, how Friday went was epic enough to give it its own post.

So where do I start? Monday was pretty bad since I had gotten sick the Saturday before. I woke up feeling like “I can’t go and I can’t do this” but I show up and find out that about four others of my co-workers were sick as well including the boss. So then I was semi-encouraged that I could get through the day with my supply of DayQuil. But then we haven’t been doing so great with the group of kids we have. These kids are allll over the place and trying to get their attention and focus so that THEY can learn something has been quite difficult. Behaviors such as not being able to keep their hands to themselves or the amount of times some of them are having accidents or incidences is just overwhelming.

Tuesday came, that was mandatory staff meeting day, post-bridal shower for a coworker and a doctor’s appointment. Now, let me just make mention that I’m usually running around taking care of things during the week (such as this doctor’s appointment so that I could get some antibiotics).

Wednesday was my worst day – left by my co-teacher (the lead) to basically run the class and felt like I was doing a lot of yelling. I felt horrible. But then when my coworker came back on Thursday we said they couldn’t have show and share because all the kids were being disrespectful to me. Le sigh. I had to ask for prayer from many sisters — however then Friday came.

A day to remember: One kid stayed home from the stomach bug. Another wanted to come to school after having thrown up but was sent home. Another came to school after throwing up and ended up epically throwing up on the floor and over another student even projectiling into her gaping mouth. So three kids, and the one who got vomited on? Totally tricked us into thinking she was sick too. Ridiculous. Believe it or not though – that entire week – Friday was probably the calmest day due to all the illnesses.
I had to clean up the student who got vomited on, and watched as the boss came in to help disinfect. It seems the stomach bug was going around recently and may still be among us.

But guys, seriously – don’t bring your kid to school when they’re sick. It spreads. Most memorable week of the year this far.

Signing off,
-Ms. L

Life as an assistant teacher (1)

I’ve started out what you would call my “second” year as an assistant PreK teacher. But you may excuse the fact that I was only around for the second half of last year and maybe that doesn’t count. I’m still learning a lot of things and trying to keep up.
My class is all over the place with different issues from each student that needs work.

But for now, I’ll share with you something that caught me off guard today: sleepwalking. When your student seemingly wakes up and walks directly to and aims for you, but isn’t, because you can tell with his glazed look that he isn’t awake. Here’s a little bud that follows me around.. And just suddenly popped up from his nap mat! Nonetheless as surprising as it was for me, since it was a first for my eyes, it made me laugh, since it struck up a conversation between me and my lead about how her children also are known for sleepwalking.

In other news, I love children’s books and songs that we read and sing and dance to with our students. I’ll have to list some out in my next post if I can remember!
Until next time,
Ms. L

Dear Lord,
In the same way in which you have such a heart for Your people, give me Your heart for man, for the kids I work with, for others, for people in general.

The Perfect Line

It’s a game. It’s called “the perfect line”. Not sure where it came from since I couldn’t find anything about it online afterward but I learned how to play this game today. I’m working across the street from my current building for the rest of the summer and they placed me with the third graders. Third grade had 10 girls and 5 boys, compared to last week when I was with the first graders and there were like 17 boys and 4 girls or something close to that effect.

Here’s how the game works:

1. Form groups of four. Line them up in front of you.

2. The game involves commands so teach it to them.

  • Command 1: “Change” ( person in the front of the line goes to the back of the line) Every time you say “change” your front line person must do this. 
  • Command 2: “Switch!” The second and fourth person in the line switch places. 
  • Command 3: “Rotate” Your line, if it’s facing you, needs to face the other direction. 
  • Command 4: You can only do this if your kids follow the other three commands. “Move”! They got it though. 

It’s really based on how well your kids can listen. It worked. I had 15 kiddos, the boys did a bad job at listening (what else is new?) but the girls did splendidly. Teehee. 

My work can be fun because it’s basically like getting paid to play with kids all day, and since i’m not really into having fun, I can be such a party pooper, but I’m learning to have fun too!

…I must sing again!

When I was younger, I loved to sing. When my mom passed away – all the joy I felt in singing had disappeared. I haven’t much sung since then, but I was reminded of this song tonight:

“There is a song within me;
It’s a song of Jesus moving
In the gardens of my heart.
This Jesus lives within me,
Planting flowers of Himself
There to be watered by my Love.

I’m loving Jesus, this lovely Person
With personality so strong.
He brought me to Himself
And said to me, “All of your heart’s desire
is found in Me;
I’m all you need and I love you.”

There is a peace within me
That has sprung from deep contentment
With my Lord, who’s All in All.
For my delight is in this
Living One inside of me
Who is Himself, my everything.”

Source: http://www.hymnal.net/en/hymn/ns/119#ixzz32yknQGRo

This song, reminds me of the joy I need to feel again from singing to my heart’s content. Who fills my joy? The Lord Jesus does, who else? The love from my special one, shown to me through the small things. The love from my dad, from all my friends and so forth.

If you’ve never sung to your heart’s delight before, I suggest you try it.

Motherless Daughters – a book

It’s always a while before I write on here again. I have this particular fascination with a set of pens that I haven’t received a new pack of yet and feel like it’s necessary for me to have them before I can write in my personal journal (the one where you handwrite) and by the way who actually has time for that anymore? Not this girl…or so I think. 

Anyway, I figured since Mother’s Day is approaching, I’d speak a little on how I just, out of the blue and spontaneously bought a new book, called “Motherless Daughters, The Legacy of Loss” – the book itself has existed for quite some time, but no one has ever told me about it until today. A friend, who’s currently on a trip to Europe write now, Facebook messaged me an article that the author of this book wrote a few years ago. Man, it sure would’ve been nice to know SOONER that groups of motherless daughters and this book existed, but alas, now that I’m seemingly moving on with my life, it’s high time I read this book?!?

And for the record, in case you were wondering, which you probably weren’t, and I’m going to tell you anyway, only one person, a co-worker, has actually asked me what I’m doing this mother’s day, since she knew about the fact that I’m motherless. I appreciate that she asked since she was the only one who has done so. It means that she cares. I very much appreciate that. 

And, here’s an excerpt from the book:

“Mourning works like any series of cycles: One ends and a new one begins, slightly different from its predecessor, but with the same fundamental course. A daughter who loses a mother does pass through stages of denial, anger, confusion, and reorientation, but these responses repeat and circle back on themselves as each new developmental task reawakens her need for the parent. Say a girl of thirteen loses her mother to a heart attack. In the midst of the initial shock and numbness, she grieves to the best of her ability at that time. But five years later, at her high school graduation, she may find herself painfully missing her mother and grieving all over again. Years after this episode she may be back in the mourner’s role again, when she plans her wedding, or gives birth to her first child, or gets diagnosed with a serious illness, or reaches the age at which her mother died. At each milestone a daughter comes up against new challenges that make her long for her mother’s support, but when she reaches out for her, the mother isn’t there. The daughter’s old feelings of loss and abandonment return, and the cycle begins again.” 

I am learning that even though I feel like I have stopped grieving – this is not necessarily true. I’ve experienced many changes in the last year and during the time since my mother has passed, and even though I don’t express much and I don’t cry when I think of her, and I don’t think of her as often as I did when she first died, there is still that need for me to have my mother’s support, and with every life transition, whether it’s getting a new job, having a boyfriend, wanting children, etc. she is not there to guide me, to love me and to help me through it all…there’s that sense, all over again, again and again that she’s gone. 

I guess you could say, I’ve chosen to take care of my heart by reading this book to tell me that there are others, who completely understand, what it is like to be motherless. It is with you for the rest of your life. It changes you, it makes you a different person from the one you were before your mother passed away and when your friends and relatives don’t understand, at least, others who are in the same position as you though not the same age as you, do understand that change. 




That determination factor..

There’s this story that my parents used to tell me, about me. I was a little girl, and when we had a den, there was this couch that we had that I liked to climb. So, one day I kept jumping on it, or climbing it, determined to get to the top of the couch (which was almost like a shelf top) and determined to stay on the top. I kept falling off of course. My parents had watched me and were impressed that I kept trying to reach the top until I finally did. And then I sighed with relief. 

Apparently, that determination factor is still in me. I experienced that today. I wanted to call it stubborn-ness, but actually, it wasn’t necessarily that. It was determination. There are times, when I set my heart to do something, it will indeed get done, because there are those instances in which I refuse to give up. Like today. 

I was working when we got the news from our owners that we would close early. Work ended at 12:15pm, at which point I left. I didn’t realize the extent of how bad the weather was at this point – having started snowing at 10am, sticking to the ground and making sludge and sleet, and ice. I went on my way, only to realize that the roads were indeed icy, and putting my mind to be set on the fact that it would take several hours to get home. What normally takes me about 15 minutes to get onto the highway, took me 2.5 hours or a little over. Upon entering the highway, I did fine, it was when I switched highways where my car glided from left and then to the right almost making me hit a railguard – thank the Lord that didn’t happen! I was able to brake (not hard or fast) to prevent any movement, put my car in reverse (before any cars could come) and move forward again in drive. 
A little while later, I almost got stuck again – halfway through my drive (at 15-20mph on a major highway) I got to a patch of icy road, and almost veered to the left and right again. Of course, I’m pressing on my brakes again, with emergency lights on as there were tons of cars still around me. I had to wait for many of them to pass before I could do reverse again and move forward in drive again. Those times are pretty scary – especially since my windshield was freezing due to the fact that there’s hardly any heat in my car. It comes on and off, and when it’s on, doesn’t last for long, this time, it didn’t do too much. It was pretty cold. At this point, my entire body was starting to freeze. 

I had to call on the Lord many times, because without the Lord with me, I couldn’t have made it. I could’ve called my dad to come help me, though I wouldn’t have wanted him to try and get through the huge amount of traffic, that is even still going on right now. I could’ve also been in a whiny, complaining, type of mood and been like ” why me, Lord?!” But I chose not to, because i was DETERMINED to get my bottom home where I could rest under the electric blanket, and stay warm. 

Determined – that’s where I was at tonight, and knowing that the Lord was providing His care, and protection, makes me feel so entirely blessed tonight. Thank You Lord!

Signing off, 
Miss L.M.M.